Round one (max. 20 minutes)

1. Johann Sebastian Bach - Goldberg Variations (BWV 988)
    - Two movements chosen by the candidate
2. One piece from the following list

Keiko Abe Dream of the Cherry Blossoms
Itsuki Fantasy
Memories of the Seashore
Variations on Japanese Children's Songs
Wind in the Bamboo Grove
Wind Sketch
Ivana Bilic Wild Rose
Carla Bley Over There
Jakob Druckman Reflections on the Nature of Water*
Peter Klatzow Inyanga
Fusun Koksal Five Miniatures*
Guillaume Le Picard Zéphyr
Eric Sammut Caméléon
* (single movements possible)
3. One free-choice piece

Round two (max. 30 minutes)

1. Set Piece for Marimba and Piano, 8-10 minutes (sent by June 15, 2012)
    Official piano accompanist chosen by the competition
2. One piece from the following list

Keiko Abe Marimba d'Amore
Variations on Dowland's Lachrimae Pavana
Michi Paraphrase
Hans Werner Henze Five Scenes from the Snow Country*
Mukai Kôhei Prelude and Allegro
Bruno Mantovani Moi, Jeu...
Akira Miyoshi Ripple
Marta Ptaszynska Blue Line
Joseph Schwantner Velocities
Salvatore Sciarrino Il legno e la parola
Yasua Sueyoshi Mirage
Leigh H. Stevens Rhythmic Caprice
* (minimum 2 movements)
3. One free-choice piece

Final Round

1. Commissioned work for Marimba and Ensemble (sent by June 15, 2012)
2. Candidates may play a free recital without any accompaniments
    (max. 20 minutes)

The free choice pieces can also be chosen from the repertoire list of all rounds.

Each piece can be performed only once during the competition. Pieces played on the Pre-Selection DVD can be part of the program.

Transcriptions as free choice piece are welcome, too.

The indicated durations include set-up and preparation time.

The competition program submitted by each contestant is binding. Subsequent alterations are not permitted after July 15, 2012.

Music can be ordered amongst others at:

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